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Collection of old super8 films connected to the history of the town, the landscape, the mountain, religious and lay celebrations, personal accounts. The films are copied on a DVD, catalogues, a videoteque is created about the town history, "summary" products on various issues are created. Training programme on shooting and editing techniques; planning and taking videos for interviewing old town inhabitants.
These are two different, yet connected projects: the first envisages the establishment of the "Ecomuseo del Lagorai" (Lagorai Ecomuseum), together with three other nearby towns, with the objective to recover and enhance the identity of local population; the project was started three years ago with the establishment of the "Associazione verso l'ecomuseo" (Association towards Ecomuseum). The second, in collaboration with WWF Italy, has the following objectives: experiment sustainable projects for the enhancement of the region; participation of the population; environmental training; promotion of alpine pastures activities; definition of itineraries and paths; creation of information material.

Telve Valsugana

Telve Valsugana

Telve Calamento

Telve Calamento


The objective of the project is to implement sectors "Population and culture " of the "Alpine Convention", "in order to respect, preserve and promote the cultural and social independence of the indigenous population" (art. 2 of the Convention). The intent is to recover the historic memory of the recent past (specifically the 1960s and 1970s with respect to films) and less recent past (the years in the aftermath of WW2 and the 1950s by means of interviews with old inhabitants) by means of the creation of a databank (images, photographs, interviews) which can describe the life of a rural community in the last century. Besides creating a "databank" available to the population, there will be created one or more specific "summary products" (documentaries) by editing rough materials in the hands of the citizens. A training programme will make it possible for some people interested in learning shooting and editing techniques to continue the work even after the end of the project.


1.setting up a working group;
2. participation of the population and associations in finding and making available super8 films from past decades;
3.copying the films on hardware (DVD); visualizing and cataloguing materials;
4. training on shooting and editing techniques and on the making of video interviews;
5. preparation (at the library or at another facility) of an "image bank ";
6. planning a series of video interviews with old town inhabitants,
7. producing the video interviews; 8.analysis of films and preparation of one or more "scripts" to make theme documentaries;
9. making the final products


The other three towns which are part of the "Ecomuseum" and in particular the Association towards the Lagorai Ecomuseum, that will practically follow the project; volunteers' associations in Telve and other countries; there will be a collaboration of the Museo storico di Trento (Trento History Museum) that will provide technical support. The collaboration of citizens is paramount in providing the material they already have.


Jan. 2007 - June 2009


DYNALP² Contribution (Euro) : 10,000
Own contributions or from other funding institutions (Euro) : 10,000
Funding institutions: contribution of the towns of Telve, Telve di Sopra, Torcegno and Carzano: 6,000€, Association towards the Lagorai Ecomuseum: 2,000€, Cassa Rurale Centro Valsugana: 2,000€

Contact person

Assessore alla cultura
Maria Grazia  Ferrai
Piazza Vecchia, 18
IT- 380580  Telve
Telephone:  +39 0461 766193

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